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Students’ Proudest Moments

“[It] was when I couldn’t figure out a math problem and I kept on trying and trying until I got it right.”

“[It] was when I got to learn why studying and going to school is important”

“[It] was when I got to go home and tell my mom what I want to do when I grow up and go to college.”

“All of the times I raised my hand, because that’s something I don’t do often.”

Teachers and Teaching Assistants on the Value of the Program

“The hands-on modeling activities were a great fit with Common Core, and I can use them in my classroom next year.”

“The program did help me become a better teacher because I had the opportunity to not only teach, but learn new and effective ways to teach through the professional development. Having a TA and essentially being a mentor, I had to reflect on me as a teacher and what I wanted my TA to learn from me.”

“The access to technology and the presence of two adults in the room helped students be more active in their own learning.”

MAP (Math Acceleration Program)

The Issue:

Most low-income and English Language Learners are significantly behind in math by the time they reach middle school. The gap in performance between lower-performing Latino students and higher-performing Caucasian and Asian students increases from 30% in third grade mathematics to 46% in tenth grade mathematics. This achievement gap widens as students progress through their education. If these students do not catch up by middle school, they are unlikely to catch up in high school. As a result, many will not go on to obtain a higher education.

Click here to see the 2016 MAP Results

The Opportunity:

The Math Acceleration Program is an intensive summer enrichment program whose goal is to help incoming middle school students increase their competency and confidence to succeed in Pre-Algebra. The program uses an interactive learning approach to teach students study skills they can use across many subject areas. This motivates them to pursue college preparatory coursework.

The Solution:

The Math Acceleration Program designed and executed by ALearn:

  • Serves middle school students who are below proficiency at math on standardized tests
  • Builds a college-going culture among students, with college students as teaching assistants and College Info Nights
  • Collaborates with school districts on the student placement process to ensure that more students are moved up into pre-algebra and algebra classes based on achievement during the program
  • Teaches study skills and encourages positive attitudes towards math
  • Trains and uses credentialed teachers from our School District partners
  • Tracks student progress through pre- and post-program tests

2016 School Districts:

  • Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
  • Berryessa Union School District
  • Franklin-McKinley School District
  • Mountain View-Whisman School District
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School District
  • Oak Grove School District

To apply:

If you attend or will attend a school in one of the above districts, inquire at the Main Office of your school or call the District’s Summer Programs coordinator. If your District does not appear here, check back frequently throughout the spring, as new ones will appear.